The Jury’s Out!

The Jury’s Out!

“Surprisingly delicious!” was one expert’s verdict on a tasty entry for our Product of the Year awards 2018. “Kids would love it,” said another panel member gathered for our Jury Day. “Can I have more?” begged a third holding her fork aloft.

It’s pretty safe to say that the product – which has to stay under wraps for now – will be one of the high scorers from the Jury Day, and will go through to the next stage of rigorous judging.

It was one of the many edible entries, all of which were sipped and savoured by our jury made up of more than 30 consumer experts. Their job was to vet the entered products before they go to the next stage of judging, making sure that only those who truly brought something new to the market made it through.

Armed with a pen and clipboard, each member of our jury put more than 20 products through its paces, marking their scoresheets as they touched, tasted, smelled and studied each item, giving the highest points to the products which bring something new and exciting to the supermarket shelves – and ultimately to consumers’ lives.

As always, with all the entries laid out for judgement some distinct trends emerged. The ever-innovative household sector proved a strong category, with pet care also well represented. When it came to edible offerings, there was nearly as much buzz about how we consume things as there was about what we eat or drink.

There was certainly no lack of new and exciting developments, showing that brands are forever evolving to meet the public’s changing needs, and aren’t afraid of surprising us too. It was great to see some of our past winners putting forward their latest innovations, as well as welcoming some fresh brands to Product of the Year.

Now the jury has selected its favourites, it’s time for the next exciting step on the judging journey.  At that stage, more than 12,000 members of the public will give their verdict on all the shortlisted products, answering a series of detailed questions what they think each innovative item brings to the market. Their top scorers in each category will go on to win one of our coveted awards.

Once the Great British public has had its say, we’ll have our winners. All will be revealed at our 25th January 2018. We can’t wait!