Product of the Year goes patriotic!

Product of the Year goes patriotic!

WITH St George’s Day, an imminent royal baby, an upcoming royal wedding, and – lest we forget – National Tea Day, what better week to fly the flag for all things British.

At Product of the Year we pride ourselves on celebrating British innovation, with many of our winners over the years honed by the expertise found in our home nations.

At this year’s awards, Yorkshire featured large, with both Taylors of Harrogate and Yorkshire Tea earning well-deserved wins in the coffee and tea categories. Another winning tipple, world-famous Gordon’s Gin, also gave us something to shout about.

Many other winners come from well-known British brands that are now owned by global companies, such as Boots and Bird’s Eye. While some may lament the loss of their British identity, we prefer to think that their global positioning actually reflects the success of the UK in nurturing successful brands. Far from believing the boon of British brands belongs to a bygone era, we think these are exciting time for our home nations.

Few other countries are so well placed to meet the challenges that modern society demands. Huge work is being undertaken in Britain to tackle issues like plastic packaging, obesity and food waste. There is no reason that Britain cannot lead the way, and we look forward to continue to celebrate innovations in these fields at the Product of the Year awards in the years to come.

Britain really is a pioneer in so many areas. Look at the craft beer movement. Which other countries can celebrate such a diverse offerings of ales, ranging from one-man micro-breweries to multinational manufacturers?

But it’s another tipple we turn our attention to this week, with our cup overflowing with appreciation for a simple brew to celebrate National Tea Day. This year’s Product of the Year winners in the tea category, Yorkshire Tea Speciality Brews, sum up the spirit of our awards, in a cup – brewing up a great product with a strong brand identity and stirring in a dash of innovation to make it even better.

So let’s raise our glasses to British success. Whether your tipple is a Yorkshire Tea, Taylors of Harrogate Coffee or a Gordon’s Gin, there’s certainly a lot to celebrate.