Life Hacks v. D.I.Y – is there even a difference?

Life Hacks v. D.I.Y – is there even a difference?

When you hear the word life hacks, what do you think?

An array of exciting new tips and tricks to help you level up your life, save time, and save some money? Or does the over-used and under-performing phrase make you want to vomit?

Whatever your views on the phrase, there’s no doubt that the do-it-yourself, home-made, old-family-trick is becoming more popular than ever. And where consumers lead, innovation will soon follow! In fact, it’s one of the few consumer trends that has successfully managed to establish itself across all sectors, with innovation emerging in food, drink, household, cleaning, and DIY sectors. Whilst the reality of the innovation appears very different – on the face of it, it seems absurd to compare a meal kit with mouldable glue! – consumer purpose is united behind a clear desire: interaction.

Food & Drink

Grocery has long been aware of the growing trend for cooking and baking at home. Innovative solutions such as subscription meal kits have stormed into consumers baskets, and retailers are fighting back with in-store recipe cards and careful placement of ingredients to guide shoppers to their needs. This trend has been reflected in Product of the Year winners, with Paul Hollywood’s Chocolate Brownie Mix being crowned winner of the Home Baking category, and Asda Make Your Own Ice Cream winning the Dessert category.

Household & Home

Perhaps the sector most associated with the word ‘hack’ is household – more particularly cleaning, which throws up over 78 million results on Google. Bloggers such as the Queen of Clean have turned their love of a clean, tidy home into a lifestyle, offering thousands of hacks, tips, and tricks on how to revolutionise your home cleaning. Winners such as Domestos Bleach show that consumers are preferring to try their own cleaning remedies, such as by spritzing a mix of bleach, water, and essential oils to clean the sink.


Any innovation which assists consumers with creating Pinterest-worthy home updates is going to go down a storm at Product of the Year! Our DIY categories, with winners such as Loctite 60 seconds, have always performed incredibly strongly. As DIY projects continue to rise, we’re looking forward to expanding our categories to include sticky tapes, paints, tools, and glues. A popular choice is to upgrade your oven, for example to the 2018 winner AEG SteamPro Multifunction Oven, to give your baking the perfect finish.

Just why has the Do-It-Yourself trend taken off so fast?

The rise of Insta-goals and Pinterest-envy has certainly contributed to the rise in do-it-yourself purchases – few can resist the temptation to make a beautiful creation, whether it be a room redecoration, three course meal, or quick-fix solution to your bathroom drains, and share it across social media. Furthermore, the lack of disposable income means there’s a much greater ‘fix-it-don’t-throw-it’ attitude, especially among the younger generation, than there has been in many years. And don’t forget that fixing and re-hashing old products is far better wasting a load of plastic and packaging on brand new ones.

Whatever your sector, it appears that we’re going to see a lot more of the Do-It-Yourself trend in the next couple of years – at Product of the Year and elsewhere. If you’re keen to tap into the trend, head to and show us what you’ve got!