2018 Roundup: Health & Beauty

2018 Roundup: Health & Beauty

Marketing & Comms Exec Antonia Channer reviews the year’s Health & Beauty products…

One of the most exciting parts of my job is when I get to head to the shops and sniff out the new trends. Anything emblazoned NEW always gets close attention, whether I’m in store or online, and I’ve developed an eagle eye for words like IMPROVED or INNOVATIVE splashed on the television screen. And whilst there’s innovation booming in all areas right now, there’s nothing quite so fast-paced as the beauty industry.

Health and beauty trends have the remarkable ability to change in the blink of an eye – or perhaps the whizz of an Instagram feed. But if you’re having trouble keeping up with the beauty fashions, never fear. Product of the Year is here to help you out – with our 5 top trending health & beauty innovations!

Sexy Supplements

We all know how important it is to eat healthily. In fact, a recent Product of the Year survey revealed that more than a third of us consider our health the most important factor in influencing us to make a purchase, whether that’s a healthier treat for our children or a toothpaste to support healthy gums. Vitamins and supplements an easy way to get that health boost, and sales are rising. In 2016, 46% of Britons took a daily supplement and this number is only set to rise.

But in today’s Insta-friendly climate, consumers want their health fix to be more attractive than a bunch of pills. Shakes and powders get blitzed into pastel colours for that perfect smoothie bowl, as sweet on the eyes as they are on the tongue. Check out Product of the Year winner Seven Seas Perfect Prime 50+ if you want to look as good as you feel! After all, is there any point in getting your supplements if they aren’t sexy?

Good for the Earth, Good for Us

Veganism has boomed in the food market, as well we know, but this year has seen a huge rise in the number of vegan, cruelty-free and eco-friendly options in the health and beauty sector. Lush’s new no-bottle shampoo is a nifty little invention which opens the door for other plastic-free beauty treatments, including conditioners, deodorants, and moisturises in block format.

Natural and toxin-free alternatives are moving from the niche to the mainstream, and we’re so here for it.

Golden Girls

A round-up of 2018 beauty ingredients wouldn’t be complete without the year’s magic ingredient: turmeric! Used in India for hundreds of years for skincare, you can now buy turmeric capsules, face masks, and beauty scrubs for your everyday beauty regimen.

Turmeric’s health qualities have not gone overlooked either, with its main ingredient, curcumin, recognised for its anti-inflammatory effects. Other health benefits of turmeric include lower risk of heart disease and improved brain function – so it really is the magical ingredient of the year!


Masks are booming! There’s more choice than ever before, too, with sheet masks, clay masks, oil based masks, Korean beauty masks, even electric light therapy masks… the options are endless, meaning whatever TLC your skin needs, you’ll be able to find a mask that suits you. Boots Ingredients Sheet Masks channel innovative K-beauty for incredible skin – and they won Product of the Year 2018, so you know they’re a smart buy!

It’s not even all about the face any more. You can find hand masks, eye masks, and even all over body masks if you’re really in need of a super-intense treatment!

Bespoke & Customise

For today’s beauty-conscious consumer, it’s not enough to have an off-the-rack approach to your routine. More companies than ever are offering a customised skin, hair, and health care alternative to create a bespoke solution for your wellness, inside and out. Kiehl’s Apothecary Preparations Service provides you with a bespoke serum designed for your skin, and Eyeko’s bespoke mascara contains vitamins programmed for your body.

We aren’t all in the same skin, so why are we all buying the same products?

And there you have it – Product of the Year’s innovation roundup for the health and beauty industry! Check back next week when we explore the year’s innovations in food & drink.