Pucker Up, Lads!

Pucker Up, Lads!

We all remember when beards and designer stubble suddenly graced our social media feeds a couple of years ago. And we remember the furrowing of brows and wringing of hands from the big razor brands, as razor sales faltered. The smooth chin, declared the headlines, was dead. Long live hipster beards and the famous ‘tache.

Razor companies were right to be concerned. Sales have dropped by 5% in 2017 and have continued their downward decline as men decided to ditch the blades in favour of the lumbersexual look. It seemed like everything was in crisis for the razor industry.

But, of course, innovation had the answer. As usual the most innovative companies led the charge to defend the sector with exciting new ideas, products, and alternatives to the traditional shave. Rather than fighting the trend, companies such as Bulldog introduced us to a whole new world of beard shampoo, stubble moisturiser, and beard oil. From blue chips to startups, companies began to develop exciting new beard care products to tap into the latest fashions, rather than fighting them.

This, in turn, opened the door for more male beauty products – explaining the revolution in male grooming we’ve seen this past year. From eyecare, to male makeup, and specialised sunlotion to protect against aging and sun damage, men are more focussed on their appearance than ever before and there’s a host of innovation to prove it. This trend shows no signs of slowing or stopping, with the global market estimated to be worth over $60.7 billion by 2020.

It just goes to show the power of innovation when it works alongside fashion! Your sector, like every other, will go through challenges. But instead of fighting the fad, innovate through it – and you might just see a sales boom that surprises even you!

Yes, it’ll be difficult. You’ll need to think flexibly and work outside the box. Innovation is a challenge, and it’s a challenge that only the best and brightest companies are up to.

And that’s what makes it worth it.