The Innovative Face of City Beauty

The Innovative Face of City Beauty

In bustling cities crammed full of vehicles, people are searching for solutions to their unhealthy looking skin. This has given rise to the anti-pollution stance which seems to be the UK’s most current beauty trend. In the world of K-Beauty in South-Korea, Blithe has created a buzz word that everyone is talking about which is… ‘pollu-ageing’. It is exactly what it says on the tin which is ageing due to pollution. This concept has contributed to the innovation of mists and serums as well as Blithe’s splash masques in order to combat and protect against premature ageing.

Kiehl’s pollutant defending masque promises to reduce the visible effects of pollution such as dullness, leaving the skin radiant; Urban Decay’s much loved anti-pollution setting spray is said to protect against oxidation due to pollution; and of course Boots ‘Ingredients’ Face Mask, winners at Product of the Year 2018 – all of which claim luminous youth, radiance and brightening, and are all made in Korea (the hub of skincare).

Recently Clinique have introduced the dramatically different hydrating jelly with anti-pollution properties and as suggested by Meghan Markle, the Lumity’s skin nutrients oil, which creates a barrier against oxidation, is a must have.

As well as anti-pollution products at present, the next trend is set to be anti blue-light products. Blue light from digital devices generates free radicals causing oxidative stress and accelerates skin ageing. The most visible effect of this is hyper-pigmentation and companies such as Liposhield have created an ‘umbrella’ style product to protect against this HEV light. Lancaster have also patented full light protection technology which protects against visible light, infrared and UV rays.

With our increased dependence on technology and awareness of environmental stressors, protection ingredients against pollution (which has hit critical levels), is likely to rise in the market over the next few years, as suggested by Dr. Maria Coronado from Euromonitor.

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