Door To Door Innovation

Door To Door Innovation

At Product of the Year, we always say we’re about innovation – not invention. After all, a world-changing invention might come around once every five years, and take another thirty for that cool hoverboard to filter down to the consumers. But innovation hits the shelves every day, and changes consumers’ lives overnight. From new easy-squeeze washing up liquid to ready-to-bake meals, innovation takes many forms.

So given that there is so much out there – just how do we define innovation?

Since the Product of the Year award is voted for by shoppers for shoppers, we want to make sure that all our innovations benefit the consumers – whether this is by creating a new handy pack format, offering a reduced sugar variant, or an easy-to-use trigger.

But with the recent rise of door-to-door products, we’ve learned that innovation doesn’t have to involve any changes to the product itself at all. With the younger generation increasingly time-poor, companies are offering subscription services – delivering everything from recipe boxes to razors direct to your door every day, week, or month. These new door-to-door innovations don’t need to be dazzling new products – the fact that they’re offering a new service to help consumers save time and money makes them perfect contenders at Product of the Year.

Look at the Amazon Dash button – sure, they’re selling you the same old stuff, but in a brand new way that makes it easier than ever to order anything you need at the touch of a button. No need to fumble for your card in the bottom of your purse, or remind yourself to make a quick stop on the way home from work, just tap the button when you’ve run out.

Door-to-door innovation is exciting, as it crosses so many sectors – from food to beauty to pet, there’s no end of products that you can order on subscription. Because innovation isn’t just about the products themselves, but about the way in which they change peoples lives. And if that’s subscriptions, services, and door-to-door innovation, then so be it!

So we’re celebrating door-to-door innovation this year at Product of the Year, by opening up categories including subscription meal box, subscription razors, and many more service & subscription categories. If you think you’ve got what it takes, there’s still time to enter Product of the Year at!