What’s keeping you buzzed?

What’s keeping you buzzed?

Here at Product of the Year, we aren’t just about telling you what the top innovation trends are in the UK. After all, we are the largest consumer voted award for product innovation in the country – proudly not voted for by chemists, taste-testers or professionals, but ordinary shoppers like you and me, who know what they like and like what they see. Because we all know that when it comes to innovation, it’s not just about having a great new idea or snazzy packaging, it’s about making sure your innovation wins over the hearts and minds of the consumers, changing their lives for the better.

When we’re on the scout for exciting new products in our shops, supermarkets, and online, we also love to hear what consumers have to say! It’s always around this time of year we put the open question to the public – what new products can you not do without?

Today, we’re putting that question to you: what are your favourite new products on the market this year? If nothing has won your heart yet, then what innovation do you need? Personally, I’m holding out for some exciting new innovations in the household sector – when my laundry detergent actually repels dirt, we’ll really be living in the future! (Hey, we did say convenience didn’t have to be sexy, didn’t we?)

Of course, in today’s enlightened times, the winners of Product of the Year don’t have to be items or even tangible. Reflecting the changing consumer attitudes to shopping, we’ve opened categories to include subscription services, apps, features, subscriptions, and even services – so whatever new innovation has changed your life, we’re all ready to celebrate it!

Don’t be shy – let us know what you would vote as Product of the Year!