Blogcast: Today’s Future Picks

Blogcast: Today’s Future Picks

With 15 years’ experience of celebrating innovation at Product of the Year, we’ve seen countless trends and fashions go in and out of style. Some fads fade and die within weeks, others revolutionised their respective industries, and what was a trend 10 years ago is a staple today.

Others have performed a complete 180 turn around. Take fat, for example. From fat-phobic consumers in the 80s loving low-fat yogurt, fat-free desserts, and vegetable oil margarine, today’s generation embrace good, healthy fats as part of a balanced lifestyle, eating more avocados, nuts, and coconut oils than ever before. New enemies, however, have launched onto the scene, in the form of sugar and plastic – to be avoided at all costs in the most fashionable circles.

Trends are driven more than ever by Instagram and other social media sites – few can resist the beauty and symmetry of a perfectly ordered smoothie bowl or the elegance of coffee art – as more of us than ever are shunning traditional TV, and its advertising. We follow ever newer, ever younger, and ever more attractive celebrities to tell us what to eat, what to wear, and how to look,

So as our Jury start limbering up to assess this year’s entrants, we’re going to give you the lowdown on our top predictions in a series of mini-bulletins, so you can keep abreast of the hottest trends at Product of the Year (whilst we keep our winners under tight wraps!)

Today’s Future Pick?


As news breaks that we can all eat much more salt than was previously thought, we’re entering a new age of salt. You can damage your health just as much by undereating salt as overeating, and Western diets in particular can safely eat much more salt than guidelines had recommended in the past. In response, the next few years will see a wide range of craft and artisan salt – and your Instagram feed will light up with pictures of Himalayan Pink Sea Salt and Salish Alderwood Smoked Salt.

McDonalds had better start ordering in the sachets now!