Product of the Year Blogcast #2: Sexing It Up

Product of the Year Blogcast #2: Sexing It Up

Following on from last week’s blogcast, we’ve got a little prediction for you of what 2019 has in store for electronics, appliances and technology.

Sexy White Goods

Apple revolutionised technology from laptops to mobile phones by bringing up superb, simple, and (let’s face it) sexy designs to the world of tech. The technology itself was nothing new, but they pioneered the intuitive UI that didn’t need inch-thick manuals to teach you how to change font, beautiful designs using good quality metal and glass. Despite the premium prices and gorgeous designs, they had an everyman feel to them. Unfussy and simply elegant, everyone wanted one – and now everyone has one.

Other industries are starting to catch on to this simple-but-classy trend. E-cigarette brand JUUL, launching in the UK this year after several years’ popularity in the US, are using the same trick. Offering thin, elegant, sexy e-cigarettes, JUUL has been dubbed the Apple of vaping – amid fears they may encourage non-smokers to start the trend.

In 2019 we will see this sexy but simple trend extend to other electrical items and white goods. Slim line ovens and touchscreen dishwashers and elegant brushed metal vacuum cleaners which you don’t need to hide away in the cupboard. The modern home will be all about a stripped back user interface that’s easy to use and looks stunning – and available to everyone.

It’s not all about Alexas and robots, people – sometimes innovation really is as simple as flawless design.