Keeping It Old School

Keeping It Old School

As we continue our foray into the innovations of the future, today we’re looking to the past – and why vintage looks are going to be the next big thing in the grocery aisles.

Vintage Style Packaging

As our commitment to reducing plastic waste grows, expect to see more cardboard, paper, and natural products on our shelves – and not before time! Many brands will make features out of this, with vintage style packaging and old school colours schemes, fonts, and designs coming back into play.

The beauty brand Soap & Glory have done this most successfully, their products all packaged in matte cardboard boxes and their designs all glamorous pin-up girls. Very British, very eye-catching, and stunningly fashionable.

As cardboard packaging comes back into fashion, it feels only natural that styles and designs will change to accommodate the new materials. I predict this will take effect firstly across beauty, then food, drink, household, and more. Best of British, and best of brands!