Clean Machine’s Going Green

Clean Machine’s Going Green

Shoppers are more eco-conscious than ever – but it’s not just all about cutting down on the plastic! We’re exploring where green living’s heading next year.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

Eco-conscious shopping takes many forms – from cutting down on your food waste with wonky veg to saving the seals with ocean-friendly plastic. But Product of the Year’s predicting that the next sector to go green will be household cleaning.

House and cleaning products are often some of the most damaging for the environment – from the plastic waste from disposable toilet block cages to the drain-clogging cleaning wipes that are no better than controversial make up removing wipes. Packaging is almost universally plastic, chemicals harsh, and often contain microbeads that most beauty brands are trying hard to eliminate.

It’s long been due an overhaul, but there simply aren’t enough mainstream brands committed to cutting down on their plastic waste & harsh chemicals when it comes to cleaning. But that’s all about to change, and in 2019, Product of the Year is predicting that we’ll see a revolution in this sector, bringing some eco-friendly alternatives to this plastic-heavy industry. It’s time we made a clean sweep and brought some new ideas to the sector – and leave plastic where it belongs!