Our Pampered Pooches

Our Pampered Pooches

It won’t come as a surprise to any Brit that we love our furred and feathered friends more than ourselves. The UK pet food market is now worth over £2.65bn and rising fast as pet owners move to premium brands, convinced that their furry darlings deserve the absolute best.

Pet products are always favourites at Product of the Year, with recent winners including Gourmet Cat Soup and Perfect Fit dog food. But we’re predicting this trend will continue into pet care and accessories, with more brands expanding into offering personalised treats for shinier coats or energy boost, as well as upmarket accessories and even apps to help us care for our pets in the best possible way.

It may seem wacky, but for today’s plugged-in generation, it’s the obvious solution. Apps already help us to brush our teeth, shave our faces, even parent our children – so why not parent your pampered pooch by app, too?

We’ll also see an increase of pet foods becoming less distinct from the snacks and treats we buy for ourselves. With soups and casseroles for our cats and cookies and gravy for our dogs, we aren’t too far off the mark already, but sales of meal prep kits for your beloved pet are rising so the two of you can eat together every night. And why shouldn’t you tuck into a snack together after dinner – half each, of course!

After all, your pets deserve the very best – don’t they?