Sales & the Big Freeze

Sales & the Big Freeze

So that’s it, folks! The weather’s turned, the sun’s gone to bed, and we’re in for the darker, colder, bite of autumn and winter. Some can’t wait for the crisp crunch of leaves underfoot, the promise of snow, and any excuse to curl up under a blanket with a mug of hot chocolate. Others are already bemoaning the shorter days, colder nights, and wet mornings. Love it or hate it, the cold snap is here to stay.

Whatever side of the fence you fall on, if you’re in the market with winter goods, you should be stoked! Whether it’s cough meds or soups or woolly jumpers, sales of these winter favourites always soar at the first sign of cold weather, and typically continue for as long as the chilly days last.

Savvy brand managers will jump on this – and keep a good weather forecast permanently tabbed on their browsers! We all know that sales of seasonal products are heavily dependent on the weather, and sometimes, a correctly timed tweet during a heatwave or snowstorm can generate serious interest. But relying on the weather alone to generate sales is a dangerous game to play. Even more so is blaming your bad sales on unfavourable weather conditions. You may be selling a seasonal product, but it’s up to you to leverage the weather to your best interest – and not rely on the temperature to do the selling for you! This risks leaving your sales incredibly vulnerable in years of less favourable weather – and especially in your off-season.

Off-season marketing is always a challenge, but if you’re serious about pushing your brand, you need to do more than let sales tick over in the off-season. And that’s where the advantage of winning an award like Product of the Year comes in – an award you can leverage throughout the year is worth its weight in gold when it comes to seeing those sales uplift! It offers a double advantage – supporting your products throughout the off-season whilst giving you a much-needed excitement boost just when you need it most.

Product of the Year works hard to support their winners all year round, and is always happy to tie in to promote your products for a particular event, occasion, or season. Whether your new products are year-round classics or seasonal highlights, we’ll make our award work for you.