Are you avoiding Public Enemy #1?

Are you avoiding Public Enemy #1?

As far as health is concerned, the media seems very focussed on killing Public Enemy Number One – this year, sugar. Certainly if you believe the tabloids, it seems that sugar will kill us, and quickly, since it’s being condemned for our bulging waistlines, our arrhythmic hearts, our mental health crises. In fact, it’s astonishing that there’s anything that can’t be blamed on sugar nowadays. Brexit crisis? Probably caused by Mars bars in Brussels…

But only a few short years ago, Public Enemy Number One was fat fat fat. Our shelves were full of low-fat, reduced-fat, even fat free! It’s almost strange to believe it, given the fat revolution we seem to be in now: full-fat, avocados, cheeses, coconut oils, you name it, the list goes on. It only goes to prove how fickle the existence of Public Enemy Number One really is, and how quickly consumers can turn on their favourite friends.

So what will be the Public Enemy of 2019? Well, that remains to be seen – whilst the Product of the Year winners are still under wraps, anyway! But there’s no doubt that there will be one, and there’ll be a flurry of innovation to follow.

The thing is, at Product of the Year, we like to keep things positive. Rather than kill off the new Public Enemy Number One by redesigning your formula to take out all the nasties, we’d rather know about all the goodness you’re putting in.

We’ve got over 15 years’ experience in innovation and promoting consumer trends, so we like to think we’ve got a pretty good idea about what shoppers want. Don’t tell them that your drink is fat-free-sugar-free-alcohol-free-calorie-free. They’d rather know that it’s water, and that it’s absolutely delicious! After all, you’ve got some great innovation. Let’s shout about what it is, rather than what it isn’t. See, when you’re giving people what they want, rather than removing what they don’t, you’re letting them know that you’re not afraid of Public Enemy Number One – rather, you’re being the Innovation Hero that they need.

We’ve seen this the last couple of years with protein. Shoppers clamour for high protein, healthier protein, vegan or plant-based protein – and now! Companies obliged, from protein balls to bars to biscuits, to protein infused drinks and yogurts and sweets. And in the last five years the protein market has grown by over 200% in the UK as shoppers have fallen in love with the healthy, tasty range of protein snacks on offer. That’s positive innovation.

Don’t bow to your fears. Don’t be scared of Public Enemy Number One. Be an Innovation Hero instead.