Does your product launch sparkle?

Does your product launch sparkle?

There’s no sugar-coating it. Product launches are difficult beasts to handle. Launching a new product can cost anywhere from £100,000 to… well, really, the sky is the limit. But beware of treating your cash like rocket fuel, burning it up to get your launch higher and brighter – more money spent doesn’t always equal a successful launch.

Kantar Worldpanel have recently published a list of the top 10 launches of 2017 – and there’s one key trend that we’re super excited to see. Yep – it’s packed with Product of the Year winners: Purina Dentalife (2017 winner, Dog Care Category), Weetabix Additions (2018 winner, Cereal Category), and Muller Light Kremas (2018 winner, Yogurt Category). Congratulations to all!

Now, there are a thousand ways you can make a brand launch sparkle, certainly. But Product of the Year winners have a head start when it comes to their launches, benefiting from the famous seal of approval of high quality innovation, as well as the extensive media coverage. It’s not just a big boys award either – we’re worked with start-ups launching their first product through to major multinationals. All you need to bring is the innovation. We do the rest.

That’s not to say that we’re a magic wand. If you really want to make Product of the Year a success story for your brand, you need to leverage your logo, to ensure that your shoppers know just how great you really are. Dentalife won Best Use of Logo at the Product of the Year awards this year, for their exciting multi-channel strategy including a TV campaign, digital media, and even showcasing their logo in supermarket car parks. It really is true that the more you put into Product of the Year, the more you get back!

So whether you’re a start-up or a success story, Product of the Year can add that little bit of sparkle to make your launch as sweet as possible. Head to and enter today!